Wednesday, October 28, 2009

8, how did that happen?

How is it possible that Hailey turned 8 last week? She is going to be baptized next week which is crazy to me. It seems so surreal that I have 4 kids, I think it is surreal to some other people too. At the gym about a month ago an older woman thought I was on the highschool cross country team, seriously? Anyway back to Hailey. It was not her year for a "friend party" but we started our celebration with a pancake puff breakfast.
Of course I forgot the canned whip cream but she did not care, thankfully!The only thing that she asked for was an Ipod, she was so excited!We went and got manicures, it is always fun to have a little girl time!We went to Applebee's for dinner (her choice). I think from now on we will stick to Red Robin, they are much faster and they sing. After dinner we went home and had some yummy cupcakes!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How cute are these?

Thank you for the adorable shoes Natalie!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jackson turns 6

Jackson finally had his birthday after months of waiting and asking!

10 4-6 year old boys at the Lego store= 1 happy birthday boy
The cake, no I did not make it. I was going to attempt it but decided that for my own sanity and Mike's sanity I would just order it this time.Jack and Luke building their Lego racersAll the boys.
We had his party the Friday before his birthday we got to celebrate again on his actual birthday. Since the day was going to be busy and Hailey had soccer practice until 6:45 we decided to have presents and "cake" on the morning. Let's be honest Jackson could not wait any longer either.
Who is more excited Jackson or Hailey?Jackson's cake this year was made of donuts, he loves maple bars!Jack at Red Robin with the signature balloon ears!New webkinz which he named Vincent the Vampire BatHad to include this picture of his new glasses-Cute Boy!!! Love you Jackson!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I heart St. George

So last week we took a little vacay to St. George, UT. The Clarkes, whom we adore, just moved there in July so we had to go visit. We had a blast and were not ready to leave! Our kids were instant friends, it was so fun to watch.
A little fun in the red rocks. The kids minus the babies.
Cute, happy kiddos.
I ran the St. George marathon, it was awesome. The most fun marathon I have run to date, we will see if Boston can beat it. If you want a full race report you can go here
This is one of my favorite pictures, they are all trying to keep their ice cream away from Annie. So adorable!!
Along with visiting the Clarkes we were also able to hang out with the Larsen/Larson clans. (Mike's sisters and their families) It was fun to see them as we missed the family reunion because of Lily's birth. We met Robyn and her little one Abby at MGM in Vegas to see the lions. The trainers walked around with balls of ground meat on the glass and the lions would come and eat it off. Crazy!
We also went to the M&M store.

Recent picture of Miss Lily Kate!
We had so much fun but were all exhausted!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Noah's first...

Day of preschool-
It was kind of ironic that on his first day of 3's class he turned 4. His b-day is Sept. 15th so he has been waiting along time to go to preschool. He loves it although I hear that he threw a shovel full of sand at another boy today. I hope that we all make it through the year.
Day being 4-Sept 15th
He was so excited for his b-day!!! His day was filled with fun. Chuck E. Cheese, first day of preschool, pinata party, Red Robin, cake and presents! It was a busy day but he loved every minute of it. I love that Noah can always make me smile even when he is doing naughty things.
Red Robin fun, it does not get better than a free ice cream Sunday!
How can you resist that smile?
I think Hailey and Jack were almost as excited for presents as Noah was! The new Bakugan backpack.