Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010

A Tale of 2 Trees
The Saturday after Thanksgiving we set out on our annual tree hunting adventure. We ended up at the same place we went last year because it is only 5 minutes from our house and after you pick out your tree they come and cut it down for you with a chainsaw. Mike really prefers this to cutting it himself, I tend to pick really tall trees with really big trunks. This year was no exception! So we get it home, and through the front door, and of course it is so big and heavy it will not stay up. After having it in the house all day I started to feel sick and get a really bad headache. I figured out it was from the tree. So out to the front yard it went. I posted on facebook that if anyone wanted a tree they could come and get it. It was gone within a couple of hours. So after trying to find a fake tree that was tall and having no luck we decided to give a real tree a second try. We got another huge tree but it was a different type and was pre-cut and no problems! So weird!!!!
Annual trip downtown to the Christmas tree, and to visit with Santa
Lily was not a huge Santa fan!
We Believe :)
Hailey and Jackson (he looks like a cute little elf :)
Making gingerbread houses. We made a huge mess but we had our own little human vacuum.
She is a cute vacuum :)
Jackson wanted to make sure that Mike got props for helping him :)
Hailey right before she played the piano on Christmas Eve. She did a great job and is quite the performer. No nerves!
Being the cute girl that she is, Hailey gave herself a Christmas mani/pedi.
Christmas Eve Jammies
Time for bed!
Santa came :)
Here they are waiting to come downstairs. Mike and I made a rule a couple of years ago that they could come get us at 8am. Amazingly it has worked so far!!
Sticky Bun breakfast
If that is not a happy face, I don't know what is!
Hailey asked Santa for a snowglobe, wish granted!
Yes there will be darts all over the house, thanks Santa!
Lily got it this year and had a lot of fun opening her presents.
Every year we get ornaments for our kids and each other that represent something about the year.
Hailey- cooking whisk ornament, she loves to cook!
Jackson-Oregon football ornament, he loves the Ducks!
Noah- Star Wars ornaments
Lily- elephant, her first animal noise
Mike- Car ornament, after 12 1/2 years Mike finally parted ways with the 1992 Camry with 275,000 miles on it and bought himself a new car
Steph-running shoe, no explanation needed :)
We had a great Christmas season!