Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lily's birth

So this post is for my journaling purposes but if any of you are like me you like to hear other peoples labor and delivery stories.  Come on you know that you love "The Baby Story" on TLC.  
So my official due date was July 22nd,that being said Noah was 2 weeks early and so I was hoping that I would not go the full 40 weeks.  
At 37 1/2 weeks I was dilated to 4cm so I was hopeful that she would come early.  After a week of very uncomfortable contractions and almost going to the hospital I saw my doctor again.  I was one day shy of 39 weeks and dilated to 5 cm.  Everything was ready, and my Mom was here playing the waiting game with us.  My Mom and I even went and got pedicures with bright pink polish hoping it would entice her to come.  (this was my mom's first pedicure ever, I was so proud of her because she does not like her feet.  I think that she might actually get another one someday.)
So my doctor wanted to "induce" me the next day.  I know most of you jump at the chance of induction but I had a hard time deciding what to do.  My doctor wanted to control my labor and was worried that I would not make it to the hospital because I was already a 5.  So relunctantly I decided to go in on Wednesday.  She said that all she was going to do was break my water and she was pretty sure that would put me into active labor.  
Of course I did not sleep much on Tuesday night and got up at about 6am.  Mike called the hospital and they said to be there at 8am.  So I got ready and we left, it was weird to leave and know that my life was about to change forever. 
At the hospital I met my nurse got my I.V. so i could get my antibiotics.  My nurse was awesome, I told her I was a hard stick and she did great, one stick.  My doctor came in and broke my water at about 9:30am.    then we started walking the little loop that we were allowed to walk.  I should have kept track of how many laps we made throughout the day, I joked with the nurses that I was trying to complete a marathon.  I was having contractions but not like I expected after having my water broken.  Mike was hungry so I sent him to get lunch, he asked me if i wanted a drink, could I have one?  He asked and they said it was fine, so yes he got me a diet Coke.  Around 1pm the resident came in to check me and this time it felt like my water was really broken.  My doctor wanted to start a very small amount of pitocin and I consented knowing that it would speed things along and i really wanted my doctor to deliver.  She had to leave around 6pm so we were on the clock.  At this point I was questioning my decision and was worried that my doctor was not going to be there.  Oh well there was no turning back now.  More walking, more waiting.  At about 2:30 after walking and sitting on the ball they started to hurt and I decided to plug in.  Nothing a little MJ can't take care of.    Now i was getting really uncomfortable, I got a new nurse at 3:30 and she was great too!  I was not longer smiling so they decided to check me again.  The junior resident came in checked me and said I was a 10.  She left the room to get the attending and when she was gone I told Mike and my nurse that there was no way, while I was in pain I knew it had to get way worse.  Sure enough I was a 6 but she had gone from -2 station to +1  so it was going to go fast now.  It did I guess, time is all relative when you think that you are dying.  I thought I remembered how much it hurt, I didn't!!!  When i felt like i had to push they came back in to check me and I had a lip left.  Those last 3 contractions were terrible and then my doctor showed up and had me start pushing.  While it was more excruciating pain at least I was almost done.  I was so tired and it felt like I was not pushing hard enough.  I joked afterwards that until I started making the "ugly" face I was not pushing right.  Once I started the "ugly face" it was not long, maybe 4-5 contractions and then the ring of fire and then she was on my chest.  I was so happy it was over and that she was here.  Here Apgar scores were 9 & 9 which was great!!  She had not been affected at all by labor and delivery.
She weighed 6 lbs 3 ozs, and measured at 20 1/2 inches.
She is beautiful and thus far has been a great baby

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling blessed!

A picture is worth a thousand words!
I am feeling so blessed that I have 4 healthy and beautiful children and a husband who is so wonderful!  I have also been blessed with wonderful parents who have been so wonderful my whole life.  Mom and Dad, thank you for all of your love, sacrifices, and help!
It has been a busy week but a joyous one.  It is so fun to have Lily in our home!  The kids love her so much and Jackson is adorable with her.  He claims that he can interpret for her and talks to her nonstop.
I am feeling really good and am itching to be running again but I am trying to take it easy.  A side effect from pregnancy that I do not remember having before is a lot of swelling postpartum.  My ankles are huge!!  Hopefully it goes away soon because by the end of the day they hurt.
I still need to blog her birth story but I will do that later.
I have found that keeping the other kids entertained is a bit of a challenge as they are used to going lots of places and it is not always easy to get places with a newborn.  I am trying and Mike has a week or so off so that will be really helpful as my Mom is leaving tomorrow.
Berry PickingGoofing around while bowling
Never a dull moment around our house, Hailey split her eyelid open and Mike put his skills to work repairing it!  Noah was his faithful assistant.  The drama was a bit much, I am so looking forward to the teenage years!

After reading some comments I reassure everyone that while I am itching to run I am not going to just yet.  Don't worry I am not totally crazy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lily Kate has arrived!!

6 lbs 2.6 ozs (they are so precise these days)
20 1/2 inches

We are so happy that she is here safe and healthy!  Labor and delivery went well!  Well let's be honest it hurt a lot!!!!!!!  I thought that I remembered how much it hurt, I didn't, but it was worth it!  I was so happy when it was over and I was happy that I was able to do it natural again.  I am not against epidurals but had a really bad experience with Jackson so I opted out again.  There were times that I really questioned my decision but Mike believed in me and helped me through the pain.  I was also blessed with good nurses!  I will blog the whole story later, more for my own documentation but for those of you curious about all the details I will blog those later.  The kids are so in love with her hat it is going to be a challenge controlling their love but I'm sure we will figure it out.
Happy to be home!
Getting weighedFirst meeting                                                                                      
Ready to go home
Ready or not here we come world!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July festivities

Mike and I have decided that the 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays!  We had a nice weekend filled with family, friends, fireworks, and food, what could be better?
Bikes decorated and ready for the parade
Mike was quite proud of this action shotJackson in the dunk tank, he was so cute in there!What is better than cotton candy?  They were so excited that they got their own and did not have to share.  That is what you get when you have a really pregnant Mom who doesn't have a lot of fight in her
Jack waiting for the fireworks
Noah patiently waiting, not really it was a feat to get him to sit down for a picture at allBy far my favorite picture, do you think he was impressed with the fireworks?

On another note, still pregnant making progress but who knows.  My doctor expects me to go anytime but we all know that no one can predict these things so we continue to wait.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Am I ready to be done?

So it is no secret that I do not love being pregnant, that being said I have been wondering lately if I am ready to have a newborn.  It has been 3 1/2 years since I have had a newborn, have I forgotten what to do?  I am more nervous for the labor and delivery than I remember being with my others.  My friend told me that just means that I am not uncomfortable enough yet, I beg to differ.  I am not going to miss my really swollen legs, it seems like they have been swollen forever and the heat is not helping!  Last night I had my lower legs crossed and when I uncrossed them I had a huge indentation that did not go away for over 1/2 hour.   I will not miss the insomnia that I seem to have had for the last 2 months.  At least I am hoping that it goes away and although I know that I will be getting up with the baby I am hoping that I will at least be able to go to sleep!
I was able to run through most of my pregnancy but stopped a few weeks ago because it was getting really uncomfortable, I miss it.  I know most of you think that I am crazy but i find myself driving down the street envious of all the runners that I pass.
It is strange to look at my kids now and imagine loving another as much as I love these three crazies but I know that soon enough I will not be able to imagine life without her.  So here is to the last little bit of pregnancy, there is a light at the end of the tunnel
Hailey and Noah showing off their Fathers Day treat that they made for Mike.  Chocolate peanut butter cup Triumphant baking by Hailey and Jack!A little glimpse of some of the nursery, it is almost done but I can't find a chair I like.