Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lots of Stuff

So I can't believe that it is already the middle of December! Life has been really busy with lots of fun events. Here are some things that have been taking up my time...
My latest attempt at being crafty, hair flowers for Haileyand Lily :)The Pirate Park Turkey Trot- this year I decided to dabble in race organization on a very small scale. Next year I think that I will attempt to make it a bigger event. the weather could have been better but let's be honest we live in Oregon and it was the end of November. I chose to look on the bright side the weather could also have been worse.Here is the crew before the start of the race.I love this picture of Lily staring in amazement at Noah, she finds him very entertaining!Our good friends came down from Seattle for Thanksgiving, we had not seen them in 5 years, it was so fun to see the kids interact and to hang out. It was too short but we plan to go to Seattle soon! She is an amazing cook! The Dads are helping the kids make fun oreo turkeys, of course I did not take any pictures of the final product. If you are curious you can go to her amazing blog It is on my sidebar so you can link directly to it.Hailey and her good friend making chocolatesWe left the day after Thanksgiving to go to Boise where we were able to attend the sealing of my sister and her husband to my nephew. What an amazing experience!! My boys were always wanting to hold my nephew, as you can see he is a healthy little guy :)I love this picture, you can barely see Noah peeking, cute little boys!Getting ready for the Polar Express to take us to the North Pole!The Conductor showering the kids with the hole punches of their ticketsHailey asked for 4 inches of snow in OregonNoah asked for a light saber, yeah he really needs another one of those :)Cute little reindeer!Jackson asked for a snowboard, huh?Not sure what Lily asked for :)Our annual Christmas tree quest was pretty easy this year! We found it, the guys at the tree farm cut it down with a chainsaw and helped to put in on top of our car. 12 foot tree for $35, gotta love living in Oregon!It looks much better in person, I think I need to take some photography classes!And to top it all off I turned 34! How did I get to be in my mid 30's with 4 kids? Time goes by too fast!!!!