Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Events but not pictures

So unfortunately this post will not have any pictures but I thought I would document some of our recent happenings.
I just got back from visiting my sister and her husband.  They just adopted a beautiful baby boy born Thursday May, 14th.  His name is Gage Robinson Brady and he is a cutie.  It is fun to see my sister as a Mom!  Congrats to Katie and Rick!   Being around a newborn made me excited for our new baby girl to come and also made me realize that I need to live up the time that I have left because soon it will be all about feeding, pooping, and sleeping!
While I was away Mike took the boys to the Father/Son campout at the beach.  They say they had a great time although there are not pictures to document it.  I am a little bitter because I left the camera so that Mike would take pictures, I went to look at the pictures today and there were none.  So not only do I have no camping pics but I have no pics of my new nephew or the proud new parents.  Oh well, I 'll get over it!
The funniest thing was when I got home there was a note on the counter from Hailey.  I did take a picture but it is too hard to read so I will just have to write what it said.

Dear Dad and Mom,
In my home lunch I am getting sick of P.B. and J.

P/S. Please go over this list of things I would like on my sandwich
1. turkey
2. ham
3. amirican cheese

The girl is too funny, and yes she did have a ham and cheese sandwich in her lunch today.  She had never said anything so I just figured she was fine with it.  I am happy to know that she will assert herself when needed.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Almost 30 weeks + half marathon= Great Race!

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about how this race was going to go.  I went into it with the attitude of enjoying every minute, and I did.  I did not worry about my time at all and planned on walking if I needed to.  To my amazement I did not walk at all, and I felt great the whole time.  I feel blessed that I have been able to keep running during my pregnancy.  It is a great stress relief for me and I know that it is weird to many but I enjoy it.  Now don't think that I enjoy every minute of it all the time, but there is nothing like finishing a run or having a great race.  
Mike and the kids came and cheered me on and it was fun to see them at different points along the race.  The kids always have fun coming to races probably because they get lots of post race treats.  Today there were some good ones!  Jamba juice, mini cinnabons, soup and rolls.  They were in heaven in face, Jackson ate a little too much and had a stomach ache.
The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm, but not too warm. 
My time only 14 minutes slower than my personal best, not too shabby for almost 30 weeks pregnant.  Now I am going to go lie on the coach and veg.

I don't like posting pictures of my pregnant self but at the request of a sis-in-law I will post one.  I am already wishing that I was not posting this picture!

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Kitchen

It is finally done!  Yeah!!  No grout lines!!!  I have an oven again after almost 3 weeks.  You know what that means I will be baking something yummy.  Well I better save that until after my half marathon tomorrow.  I don't think that brownies are good prerace food.  I will have to post about the race later.  I have never done a race pregnant before.  Wish me luck.  
Here are some before and after pictures.