Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dancing Queen

Hailey's dance recital at the end of June. This recital is always very impressive! This year she took tap and loved it, although she has informed me that she wants to do Jazz next year :)
Family pic with the Dancing Queen
Self Portrait:)
Hailey and Miss Kim. She is the best dance teacher! She really teaches a love for dance.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starlight Run

Hailey, Jackson, and I ran the Starlight Run last Saturday night. They did awesome and enjoyed high fiving the crowd. Jackson wanted to win the whole thing :) He is a little competitive, not sure where he gets that ;). I think this might become a new tradition.
PreRace- we were blessed to have our good friends do it with us. Thanks Dar and Luke :)
Last in line for face painting
Luke and Jack opted for balloon swords
It was so fun to see the kids so excited about doing this race. Thanks to Hailey for getting us to do this race.