Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Triathlon

Most of you are probably thinking that you are going to see pictures of me (Steph). Not so! While I would love to do a tirathlon someday, Hailey and Jackson beat me to it! Hailey and Jackson participated in a family triathlon this past Saturday. It was a really great event, next year I think that the whole family will do it!!!
Getting ready for the swim

Transition to the bikeJack on his bikeThe Finish Line

They got medals and everything! Jack was so cute, he tells everyone that he did a marathon.

I am proud of our little athletes.

I love my kids and am so proud of the people they are growing to up to be. I know that they are still pretty little but it is amazing to me how fast time goes by. I hope that they know how much I love them and will never doubt that. Mike and I are going on a cruise with his family for his Dad's 80th b-day without our kids. While I am excited I am also going to miss my kids!! My Mom is coming to take care of them. Thanks Mom!!!! The kids are so excited!!

Berry Picking

Oregon summers can not be beat!!! Lots of sun, great temps, and all the berries you can eat. We went berry picking and had agreat time. We mostly picked raspberries because we wanted to make jam. We sampled all the other berries though. Hailey was insistent on trying a currant, any one ever had one? Lets just say she was not a fan!!!
Empty boxes
Full Boxes

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay so I am huge fan of "So You Think You Can Dance" and I am really in shock right now so I must blog about it. I can not beleive that Will and Twitch were in the bottom 2. I know that there can only be 1 winner but how did Mark survive? I have not voted so I am going to from now on so at least I am doing my part.

Are you a fan? Were any of you in shock also? Who do you think should win it all?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I will readily admit that through the years dental floss and I have not been the closest of friends. How I wish that we had been. Tomorrow as a result of our distant relationship I will have a root canal. Because of a small "flossing cavity" filled 3-4 years ago my tooth has never been the same and now I get ot have a really fun root canal. I am not really nervous for the procedure I am actually planning on trying to sleep. We will see if that works or not. Mostly I just feel that I have failed in the oral hygeine department. The other thing is who wants to spend money ona root canal? Not me, but I will and I will vow to strengthen my relationship with dental floss.
Wish me luck!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


So one of our favorite places to go is Sunriver, Oregon. It is a resort community that we find so relaxing. We have been several times prior to actually living in Oregon, and once during the winter for a conference that Mike had, but we had not gone in the summer(our fav time to go). So we decided last summer that we were going this summer. We were not disappointed!

Here are some of the highlights-

Going to the Lava Caves-It is really cool, and cold(about 45degrees inside). You rent lanterns to take in with you. Mike, Hailey, my brother Aaron, and my Dad went all the way in and touched the wall. They had to army crawl to get there but Hailey insisted that they go all the way so she could tell me that she did it! This is a picture at the opening of the cave before you go down.

The boys are blowing so they can see their breath. It was cold!!

The 4th of July pinata was a hit. Before it broke open it had no legs, it was quite funny!

Hot tubbing, always a hit! Swimming- This is Hailey coming out of one of the waterslides-good form!Fishing-My kids had been wanting to go fishing so I went to Walmart and bought a pole and some worms and off we went. We did not catch anything but it was a hit! Jackson was a natural although he did get the hook stuck in the back of his head once while trying to cast.
Little photo opWe needed more of this but there was just too much fun to be had so the kids got sleep where they could! This was after swimming and then we had the bike ride home. We will definitely not be waiting 4 years to go back!

She did it!

Hailey learned how to ride her bike without training wheels! She is so happy and we are proud and relieved. After a few attempts trying to teach her, we were thinking that it might not happen. The balance was not there. She started riding aroung the garage and got very confident. Then we went to Sunriver where there are 33 miles of bike trails and yeah she can do it!!
She does normally ride her bike with clothes but we rode home from the pool and luckily we did not crash.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

View from my door

So I was tagged by Britain a long time ago to share the views from the doors of my house. So I am finally getting to it. I will share a view of the front also because I never have.

This is the view taken from the deck in the backyard.This is my favorite hydrangea bush in the backyard. It is not quite in full bloom yet due to the very long winter/spring.The view looking down our street, at the end there is path that connects to miles of bike trails and the "Pirate Park".The front of the house, partially blocked by the trees in full bloom. A welcome sight for me!

My favorite tree, a japanese maple, which is blocking the view of the red front door.

I am not tagging anyone specifically but feel free to share a birds eye view of your world. I would love to take a look!