Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 more month!

So my due date is in 1 month, and I am ready to be done.  My sis-in-law says you have to get so uncomfortable that you will go through whatever you have to to get the baby out.  I am definitely getting there!!!  I am not really into taking or posting pics of myself pregnant but i have to remind myself that someday I will wish that I had taken more pics of myself pregnant.  I am told that someday I will miss the pregnant days although right now I can not imagine that.  So here I am at about 36 weeks.
Sorry about the cheesy grin

Dancing Queen

Hailey had her first dance recital last Saturday, it was adorable!  She was very focused and of course had no stage fright at all.  She is quite the performer!!  She gave us not so subtle hints that she wanted flowers, Jackson was so excited to give them to herHailey, Kiara , and Emma so adorable!!

Family Visits and Minnesota

I am trying to get caught up so when the baby comes atleast I won't start out behind.
A couple of weeks ago my brother Aaron and his wife Mandie and their 2 kids came to visit with my Mom.  We had a few days before Mike and I headed to Minnesota to go to Mike's brothers residency graduation.  A big thank you to my Mom and Mandie for watching the kids for a few days!
Of course we never take enough pictures but here are a few from our adventures both here and in Minnesota.
We had not had rain for more than 2 weeks but of course when company comes it had to rain on our paradeAs part of the Rose Festival some Navy ships come and dock on the waterfront.  We went down and went on a tour, they had some serious security and we were not sure if it was going to be worth the wait but the boys loved it I had never been to Minnesota and it was fun to be able to see Dave and Ann, and Doug and Nicky.  It is always fun to see where people live.  We stopped by to see the Mall of America as I had never seen it before, if it had not been Sunday I could have done some serious damage!  As it was we just walked around for a little while until I was contracting too much so we decided to head down to Rochester to visit with doug and Nicky before his graduation shindigAnn, Dad, and I at the graduation dinnerDoug, Nicky, Mike and I.    Congrats Doug, only 2 more years and then you can finally be done!  Nicky you are wonder woman!  
It was a whirlwind trip and I don't think that I want to fly that far again as pregnant as I am but I am really thankful that we had the chance to go!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Jackson finished preschool a couple of weeks ago, he is going to be a big kindergartener in the fall.  He is so ready!!!  He had a great year at preschool with all of his friends.  they loved playing superheroes, and "big bad jet".  This year was the year of the cape, his teacher decided to make capes for anyone who wanted one because they were so into playing with the ones at school.  I was the class rep and decided that Teacher linda needed one also.  I stitched all of the kids handprints on the cape and had "Super Teacher" embroidered on it.  It was a lot of work but she is worth it and it turned out pretty darn cute.
Jack has grown a lot this year!  He is so big, I am pretty sure that he is going to be taller than me by the time he is 10.  He is very emotional which can be great at times and not so great at other times.  He has a huge heart and loves little kids.  He loves to hold babies, this will be a huge plus in a couple of weeks!  He and Noah are becoming best buds and love to play together, this is also a great thing
Teacher Linda & JacksonThe Cape!Enjoying a popsicle on Beach Day!Best Buds!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of school and that Hailey will be a 2nd grader.  She is growing up so fast and I know before I know it she is going to be graduating!  I wish that i could make time stand still (except for the fact that would mean i would be 8 months pregnant for a long time).
Hailey is  joy!!!  She is so tenderhearted, smart, helpful, talented, obedient, and thoughtful, just to name a few of her traits.  She is going to be a big help with her new sister and she already is with her brothers.
This year she played soccer, started piano, had choir,  took jazz, learned to read proficiently, excelled in school, and just grew up way too much.
Hailey at her choir concert, she loves to sing and perform!Hailey at her first piano recital, she does not seem to have any fear of performing, which is a good thing!  She has her dance recital on Saturday so I will have to post photos of that laterFirst day of school-Sept. Last day of school-June 2009