Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter and Seattle

I would like to say that we got a family Easter picture but just the kids is good enough right?  No one likes to take pictures when they are pregnant do they?
We had a fun little easter egg hunt at the pirate park, it was perfect because the sun was not out so we had the whole park to ourselves.
My sister and her husband came to visit for the weekend.  Friday we did some baby shopping for both her and I and then Saturday we headed up to Seattle to go to a Mariners game.  Despite the traffic we managed to make it to the game and have a good time.  I hate traffic!
We took a walk from our hotel to Pike Street Market.  The kids thought it was fun to watch them throw the fish!  We actually got flowers this time, they are so cheap and beautiful!!

  The kids also got fun balloons!

We had a fun weekend but it was not long enough.  The kids miss their Aunt Katie and Uncle Rick.  Hailey cried for a while on the way home because she did not want them to leave.  Wish we lived closer to them!


merathon said...

no pics of katie and her husband? i've never seen him! where do they live?

Riley's said...

every time we go to seattle we buy the flowers. They are so worth the price! How are you feeling?

Chelsea said...

Looks like so much fun! We have never taken our kids to Seattle. how lame is that? Cute pix.