Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Events but not pictures

So unfortunately this post will not have any pictures but I thought I would document some of our recent happenings.
I just got back from visiting my sister and her husband.  They just adopted a beautiful baby boy born Thursday May, 14th.  His name is Gage Robinson Brady and he is a cutie.  It is fun to see my sister as a Mom!  Congrats to Katie and Rick!   Being around a newborn made me excited for our new baby girl to come and also made me realize that I need to live up the time that I have left because soon it will be all about feeding, pooping, and sleeping!
While I was away Mike took the boys to the Father/Son campout at the beach.  They say they had a great time although there are not pictures to document it.  I am a little bitter because I left the camera so that Mike would take pictures, I went to look at the pictures today and there were none.  So not only do I have no camping pics but I have no pics of my new nephew or the proud new parents.  Oh well, I 'll get over it!
The funniest thing was when I got home there was a note on the counter from Hailey.  I did take a picture but it is too hard to read so I will just have to write what it said.

Dear Dad and Mom,
In my home lunch I am getting sick of P.B. and J.

P/S. Please go over this list of things I would like on my sandwich
1. turkey
2. ham
3. amirican cheese

The girl is too funny, and yes she did have a ham and cheese sandwich in her lunch today.  She had never said anything so I just figured she was fine with it.  I am happy to know that she will assert herself when needed.


Emma Crowther said...

Congrats to your sister. I totally know what you talking about when you mentioned how life will be different once the baby is born. I am living it up as much as I can now, because I know I am going to have my life turned upside down for a little while when the baby is born. It's kind of scary to start over again, but exciting too.

Way cute that your daughter wrote you a note about her lunch. She knows what she wants.

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

Ummmm....can I get one of those sandwiches to go? Happy baby times to your sister. I am so excited to meet your little one.