Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hailey's Baptism

We had a wonderful time this past weekend as Hailey made the decision to be baptized. We had a lot of family travel here for the event which was so nice of all of them! It is hard for me to believe that she is 8 already!
Family shot except where is Lily? Asleep in her carseat but of course she did not get the memo to sleep for an hour and decided to wake up and be hungry after the talk on baptism. Thanks to my friend Kristi who took her and kept her happy until after Hailey was confirmed.Beautiful girlDaddy's girlMommy's girl - Yes she will probably be taller than me in a couple of years!If there was ever any doubt about how much Hailey is loved! Thank you to all family and friends for their love and support.Mike's birthday was on Sunday so with the help of my beautiful sister we made him this beauty. Chocolate Peanut Butter cake-a.k.a. heart attack on a cake plate
It is so yummy and beautiful though, just don't read the recipe!
Jack getting ready to help him blow out the candles


Chelsea said...

I am so sad I missed it. not just to be there for hailey but b/c that cake looks awesome! you are such a great little baker. I can't wait to see your hair creations too. My girls were pretty excited for the hair flowers from Mari's. too cute.

Gardners Glad Tidings said... they really grow up that fast?! Hailey is just stunning...congrats! And many happy returns of the day Mike.

Robyn Larson said...

I LOVE your new family picture you have at the top of your blog. What a picture perfect family!

Amber said...

She looks so beautiful! I love your family photos too. Where did you take them with those amazing red doors?