Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st and 3rd

The first day of school finally came! After getting back from SunRiver I think both the kids and I were ready for school to start!
So ready to go but of course I needed to take pictures! Jackson started first grade. He has the same teacher that Hailey did for first grade. I am happy to have Mrs. Abbott again. I so tried to convince him to get a regular backpack but he insisted on a messenger bag like Hailey.Hailey has always loved school and this year thus far is no exception!She got her glitter shoes :) I found these and needed her to have them so I actually had the salesman take them off a mannequin.We were lucky to have Grammy and Pa here visiting!Yeah for 1st grade!Let the learning begin!

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Dehner Family said...

I love Hailey's glitter shoes!! Your kids are seriously so cute. So you nailed it when you said that learning how to fuel is the hardest part of this marathon thing. I'd love any tips you have since you are the expert and my running hero! I really think I didn't have enough calories going through me when I struggled through my 20. I was thinking that I should take a couple granola bars and a better sports drink for the marathon (one with more carbs than Gatorade)... What do you eat when you run your marathons?? If you want to share your secrets email me - amdehner@aol.com
I know I'm being annoying, but I'm seriously so nervous.