Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catching up!

I have so much that I need to catch up on so pardon my randomness!

Hailey has become quite the gymnast! We have been pleasantly surprised by her progress! She is actually really good at cartwheels and round-offs as well as the bars. When she first started we had to watchout for flying feet and hands as they could go just about anywhere.

It is hard to believe that the school year has gone by so fast! My kids don't quite understand the summer break thing, they think that they will just be starting their new classes next week. Jackson is looking at his memory book at his last day of preschool!

We finally renewed our Zoo membership!! Yeah! We had a lot of fun and the sun was shining!!

Last weekend the boys went to the Fathers and Sons campout, this left Hailey and I all to ourselves. She was very excited and had the whole night planned out.

First, she wanted to go and get pedicures. I think that I am in trouble when my 6 year old is wanting pedicures, I did not have my first pedicure until I was in my 20's!
Then it was off to her restaurant of choice, Red Robin! I was hoping that she would get the steak fries so that I could have one but she opted for the apple slices. Bummer! Then we did a little Father's Day shopping and then it was off to Dairy Queen because she saw a commercial for a waffle bowl sundae and really wanted to go there. She asked if we had to share I said no but her eyes were definitely bigger than her stomach! It was a fun night and the boys had a lot of fun and even got pretty good sleep.

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