Wednesday, July 9, 2008

View from my door

So I was tagged by Britain a long time ago to share the views from the doors of my house. So I am finally getting to it. I will share a view of the front also because I never have.

This is the view taken from the deck in the backyard.This is my favorite hydrangea bush in the backyard. It is not quite in full bloom yet due to the very long winter/spring.The view looking down our street, at the end there is path that connects to miles of bike trails and the "Pirate Park".The front of the house, partially blocked by the trees in full bloom. A welcome sight for me!

My favorite tree, a japanese maple, which is blocking the view of the red front door.

I am not tagging anyone specifically but feel free to share a birds eye view of your world. I would love to take a look!


Britain said...

Great views. You gotta love Oregon! Everything grows so well. I love your grassy backyard, too. So pretty.

Sharlene Enloe said...

Your trees and yard and everything look great. So pretty!

Mandy said...

your hydrangea is gorgeous!