Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Triathlon

Most of you are probably thinking that you are going to see pictures of me (Steph). Not so! While I would love to do a tirathlon someday, Hailey and Jackson beat me to it! Hailey and Jackson participated in a family triathlon this past Saturday. It was a really great event, next year I think that the whole family will do it!!!
Getting ready for the swim

Transition to the bikeJack on his bikeThe Finish Line

They got medals and everything! Jack was so cute, he tells everyone that he did a marathon.

I am proud of our little athletes.

I love my kids and am so proud of the people they are growing to up to be. I know that they are still pretty little but it is amazing to me how fast time goes by. I hope that they know how much I love them and will never doubt that. Mike and I are going on a cruise with his family for his Dad's 80th b-day without our kids. While I am excited I am also going to miss my kids!! My Mom is coming to take care of them. Thanks Mom!!!! The kids are so excited!!


Porter Family said...
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J & K said...

Have fun on your cruise!!! Take pics!!

Mandy said...

Great Job Hailey & Jackson! Way to go!! I want all the cruise details, it sounds like a great trip!