Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween-Better late than never

So I am a little behind,yet again. We had a fun halloween which resulted in way too much candy, which resulted in too many raids on my kids candy. Why is it that I can eat 10 fun size candy bars but would never touch a full size one?
Hailey wanted to be Dorothy this year and I was having trouble finding an appropriate 7 year old Dorothy costume. It seems that all the ones I found wer way too grown up, if you know what I mean. So Grammie to the rescue! My Mom made Hailey a costume and it turned out great.

I was hoping thatI could convinve the boys to go along with a Wizard of Oz theme, but they were having none of that. So Jackson was Bumblebee the transformer, and Noah was Spiderman. As he says the red spiderman. I guess there is a black spider man? Who knew?


merathon said...

"Why is it that I can eat 10 fun size candy bars but would never touch a full size one?" Yeah, I had to laugh at that line, cuz I know that all too well. You would NEVER catch me grabbing a candy bar at the check out line at the grocery store, but those little minis in the Halloween loot? Forget about it! Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

Love that picture of your family on your header!

jon and kir said...

I have alot of sleeping Spider-man pics myself!!

Dehner Family said...

Mike says - "YA RIGHT" about doing the Boston marathon... He'd have to qualify first and that isn't going to happen :) Anyway, our address is 2363 Limestone Way, Columbus, OH 43228... Can you get me yours?