Saturday, December 13, 2008

Has it really almost been a month?

So I must post today so that I will not go one month without posting. It has not been for lack of things to post, almost the opposite. Where has the time gone? Can there really be only about 11 days left until Christmas? I have not gotten Mike one thing yet, and Hailey is really hard for me to shop for this year. I really am not into buying just to buy(Although it is fun!)

The past month has been filled with lots of family filled good times. For Thanksgiving we decided to make the trek to Utah to see family. My family knew we were coming but we did not tell Mike's family. A surprise is always nice. It was fun to see lots of family and a new neice and nephew.

Jackson really took a liking to his new cousin Mason who was just a week old. So precious!!

Jackson was busy as he helped to make the pumpkin pie with his very own sugar pie pumpkin that he got on his school field trip to the pumpkin patch. He was very determined to use it to make a pie, so we made one from scratch. As always there was lots of good food and family! Here are the boys hollowing out the pumpkin.

What else, we made our annual trek to the Christmas tree farm to find our tree. This year we made sure to measure the opening of our Christmas tree stand so that we did not pick a tree whose trunk was too wide thus requiring a lot of work to get it to fit. We are learning!!
All decorated! This is known as the "Adult Tree" to my kids. Meaning that Mom gets to decorate it. Their tree is up in the bonus room and has all of their ornaments on it. I did not help decorate this one at all, it was all them!Hailey had here first choir concert this morning, it was really cute to see her doing what she loves! Here she is with her cousin Cecilee!


Mandie said...

Hey the tree looks good. You should tell Jack good call on the pumpkin pie from scratch. I love that pic of Jack and Mason together. You should email me one when you get the chance...I didn't get one.
It was great seeing you when you were here.

The Bond Family said...

I love your tree! I'm all about having a "pretty" tree and a kid tree that can have spider-man and cinderella on it :) merry christmas!

Emma Crowther said...

So I am not the only one who has two trees. One for the kids and one for me. The tree looks great.

Natalie said...


Wow! It has been a long time. I was trying to remember the last time I saw you. I am so glad to hear that you and Mike are doing so well. Your family is absolutely adorable. I was looking back through your blog and saw that you did the Mount Hood run. I know Marcae. She was roommates with my lil sister. It is such a small world. We will have to get together one of these times that you are in UT. Drop me an email at I would love to get caught up.