Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

We had some fun adventures the last week of summer! I was feeling very guilty that I had not done enough fun things with them this summer, I know I had a good excuse but the guilt was still there. We went to a fun park on the river 2 days in a row, the kids had a blast playing in the water and collecting shells and sticks.
Lily and Mike hung out and tried to keep out of the sun.

Hailey and her shells

Digging a pit
I kept my promise and took them to the zoo before school started. It was much more fun because my Mom and sister were visiting so they came too!

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Chelsea said...

Cute pics. I am glad your kids were able to still have such a fun summer with a new baby! Fun to see you at soccer the other day. It was WAY too hot to SIT and watch soccer, let alone PLAY soccer! ha!