Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Mrs. Bruskotter Springville Elementary
...day of Kindergarten for Jackson Sept. 8th 2009
Ms. Hesson Springville Elementary
Jackson was so excited to finally be going to school!

...cookie bouquet from Grammie
My Mom has a tradition of sending a first day of school bouquet to all of her grandkids on their 1st day of kindergarten. Jackson loved it and he shared very well which is always a bonus.
Jack with his look alike cookie Noah was happy to have his own cookie, although he just ate the frosting off. Hailey has never turned down a treat, my kind of girl!


merathon said...

jackson sure doesn't LOOK very excited! tell him he needs to work on his "excited face"!

that first day of school cookie bouquet is TOO cute! love the mini-me cookies!

Robyn Larson said...

Your mom is too cute. What a fun idea to send a cookie bouquet for the first day of school. If I go back to kindergarten, do you think she would send me one too?! :)

Amber said...

What a cute idea with the cookie bouquet. Poor Jackson had to wait SO long to go to kindergarten. Late birthdays are hard! Does he like it?

Emma Crowther said...

What a great grammie to have such a fun tradition. The kids look very happy.