Friday, October 9, 2009

I heart St. George

So last week we took a little vacay to St. George, UT. The Clarkes, whom we adore, just moved there in July so we had to go visit. We had a blast and were not ready to leave! Our kids were instant friends, it was so fun to watch.
A little fun in the red rocks. The kids minus the babies.
Cute, happy kiddos.
I ran the St. George marathon, it was awesome. The most fun marathon I have run to date, we will see if Boston can beat it. If you want a full race report you can go here
This is one of my favorite pictures, they are all trying to keep their ice cream away from Annie. So adorable!!
Along with visiting the Clarkes we were also able to hang out with the Larsen/Larson clans. (Mike's sisters and their families) It was fun to see them as we missed the family reunion because of Lily's birth. We met Robyn and her little one Abby at MGM in Vegas to see the lions. The trainers walked around with balls of ground meat on the glass and the lions would come and eat it off. Crazy!
We also went to the M&M store.

Recent picture of Miss Lily Kate!
We had so much fun but were all exhausted!

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Emma Crowther said...

Did you end up running the whole thing? My family lives in St George. I love visiting in the Winter. It looks like you guys had great fun. Which gym do you go to? I hear ya on how hard it is to get training in when babies are so young. I am lucky to get an hour to workout at home before it's time to feed the baby again.