Thursday, October 8, 2009

Noah's first...

Day of preschool-
It was kind of ironic that on his first day of 3's class he turned 4. His b-day is Sept. 15th so he has been waiting along time to go to preschool. He loves it although I hear that he threw a shovel full of sand at another boy today. I hope that we all make it through the year.
Day being 4-Sept 15th
He was so excited for his b-day!!! His day was filled with fun. Chuck E. Cheese, first day of preschool, pinata party, Red Robin, cake and presents! It was a busy day but he loved every minute of it. I love that Noah can always make me smile even when he is doing naughty things.
Red Robin fun, it does not get better than a free ice cream Sunday!
How can you resist that smile?
I think Hailey and Jack were almost as excited for presents as Noah was! The new Bakugan backpack.


merathon said...

what the heck is bakugan?

Amber said...

I can't believe Noah is four! When I met you he was a baby crawling around on the floor in Sunday school. He sure is cute.