Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas 2009

Better late than not at all right?
Of course we made our annual trek downtown on the train to see Santa, a tradition we look forward to every year!Letters to Santa :)Cute Hailey on Christmas EveJack loves to hold LilyLily with her 1st ever Christmas Eve present (new pj's)Looks like Santa came :)The kids posing for a picture, they were so good and waited until we asked them to (8am) to come downstairs. Lily was still asleep so she will have to wait until next year to come down the stairs first.Christmas morning sticky buns, Yummy!

After opening all the gifts the real craziness began as I needed to finish packing in time to leave for the airport at 1:30pm. It does not seem to matter how much I prepare ahead of time it always takes me until the very last minute. Off to Utah we went to visit family and friends. We we lucky and got to be there for Alex's mission farewell, and Adam's wedding. It was so fun to get to visit with so much family!!!
Our attempt to snap a family photo, not very successfulJack and Lily again :)Me, Lily, and Mike's younger sister RobynSome of the girls at the wedding luncheonMy kids love to dance!! Jackson waited by Rachel (the bride) forever getting up the courage to ask her to dance, so cute!We got home on New years Eve day and even though I had been up since 4am we had to party a little. We had our new years at 9pm though. Heres to 2010 may it be full of lots of laughter and smiles :)


The Jeppson Family said...

You guys are all so cute. I love the coordinating outfits...where do you shop to manage all of that?! Some day I will get with it enough to shop and coordinate the fam! Love it!

thomfam5 said...

Cute, cute, cute Stephanie. I also love the charcoal coordinating outfits. I just put my Christmas pics up on my blog too, so don't feel too bad!