Saturday, July 31, 2010

The big road trip

Lily all in her cake, feet and all :)

So when Mike was asked to be the medical doctor on the Trek for the youth, I thought that instead of staying home while he was gone that I would take the kids and drive to St. George to visit friends and family. Luckily my Mom and niece flew up for a few days and then drove down with me.
Lily enjoying the sun and water, if you went out before lunch the heat was bearable.
Maggie, Hailey and Kennidee

Tarzan at Tuacahn, it was awesome. Such a beautiful backdrop! Wish Mike had been with us!
The kiddos with Tarzan and Jane
Lily loves uncle Jared
Love these girls!!! Me, Natalie, and my sis Katie
The kiddos enjoying their candy from an old time soda shoppe
Katie and I in Bryce Canyon, why were we there you ask? What would a trip be without a race thrown in?

Bryce Canyon 1/2 marathon
Me, Katie, Amy, and Natalie before the race. If I look like I have not had enough sleep for over a week, it is because I hadn't! It is hard to be a single parent and try to do everything else too!!!! I definitely will appreciate what a wonderful husband and father Mike is a little more now!
The after picture, everyone did great!!! Personal bests all around! Beautiful scenery, good friends, and a new PR 1:31:11. Now it is time to hop in the car and race to Provo in time to pull off a bridal shower.
Quick Picture before leaving for Provo, definitely NOT my favorite race shirt!!Made it to Provo and got the shower set up, and got to take a shower (kind of essential after running 13.1 miles :) ) just in the nic of time!!!The bride, Hailey, and some of my niecesMe and Charlotte at the shower
It had been a while since we had visited Mike's Mom's grave. My kids are old enough now that they will remember these visits and I think that it is important to keep her memory alive, we miss you Grandma!
Now onto the wedding!!So one of the things that I wanted to accomplish was to have a picture where Mike is not closing his eyes, mission Not accomplished.How cute is she?I love this precious picture!!! Mike and his Dad with LilyIn case you were thinking that I only took pics of Lily, my other kids were not with us at the temple.
SistasThe girls at the receptionLily was begging Abby for some cereal, after some prompting, Abby shared :) They are going to be pals :)The boys with their cousin LeviWatch out ladies, Jackson caught the garter, I particularly like how he is holding it like it is a dirty diaper :)Last attempt at a family picture, no one was cooperating, I gave up. Hopefully someone else got a good one because this is the best of the ones on my camera. It was a fun trip and it is always fun to have a wedding in the family :)


Thompson Family said...

Wow, you are brave! I would not attempt a trip with just my kids let alone a race, bridal shower, etc!

merathon said...

how long of a drive is that? no way i would have attempted that without someone else-- yea for moms!

jealous you get to race so much--i'm more impressed with the numbers themselves than with the actual time. i'm sure you noticed: 13.1 miles and 1:31:11! PERFECT! now you're going to have to plan to do a race in CO so you can come visit US!

Dehner Family said...

You are my hero. That's an amazing half marathon time!! I'm with you on the shirts - not the best I've seen :) I think that last picture of the whole family is really cute. I like it - esp your hair. It looks awesome!

Bybee family said...

Looks like a fun trip. Wish I was brave enough to do road trips on my own with the kids. So, you were right, the Portland marathon filled up, and I was finally ready to register I'm so bummed! Is there any chance I could still get in through a charity or someone backing out?


Jeremy and Kristin said...

Crazy busy trip. Great pics. SO fun to visit friends :) Love reading your posts and great job on the races.