Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lily turns 1

I tried to wish it away but the day still came. Lily turned 1 on the 15th. We were in St. George visiting friends and family, even though Mike was not with us and we were missing him we had a great party.
I wanted a pink and green theme, so I made a little watermelon cake for the birthday girl.
She was definitely a lot more reserved than my other kids have been.
It is hard for me to accept that my baby is growing up but despite my denial it is still happening.
* is a great sleeper
* loves food
*is so busy now, she loves to empty and and all drawers
* army crawled for a long time but has now progressed to what i call the wounded warrior crawl, I give her 2 weeks before she is walking. She is my latest walker.
* has 8 teeth now. Her teeth came in a strange order. She had 3 on the bottom forever. The 4th came in and then she got 3 on the top. Her 2nd front tooth popped through a week ago but is still shorter than her other top 3 so far. I love it when she does her cheesy grin :)
*she loves to be in the action
*she loves water, baths and pools

* she knows what she wants as evidenced in the above picture. This is what happened when her 14 month old cousin tried to take her balloon.

Love you Lily Kate!!!


Chelsea said...

Adorable!! she was sitting in front of me during RS and smiling sOOo adorably. could just eat her up.

merathon said...

i can't believe she's a year old either since the last time i saw her she was a tiny little newborn!

Amber said...

Ah! She's Cute!!!