Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Tooth fairy is going broke!!

So I don't know what is normal but I don't think that it is totally normal for my 6 1/2 year old to have already lost her front 8 teeth. I know it may be vain but I like baby teeth on little kids. Their permanent teeth are made for their adult faces not their child faces. It seems funny to have such big teeth on my little girl. I know she is not so little anymore and that she will probably be bigger than me by the time she is 10. Atleast there are a lot of people who think so. It is okay I have come to grips with the fact that I will be the shortest one in my family. Anyway it is fun to watch her grow up and change even if I wish that she would stay little for a while longer!!

As many of you can see Jackson has glasses for an eye condition called strabismus. We hope that he will not always have to wear glasses and today He told me that he hopes so too! We were at the glasses store today to get another pair of glasses. Mind you we just picked up pair #3 on Saturday(we got pairs 1 & 2 in Nov. and they are both broken) He does pretty well keeping them on but we he gets mad he likes to take them off and throw them and Noah likes to take them off of Jack's face when Jack is invading his personal space which is all to often. Needless to say the glasses were hammered even before they broke. Before this is all over we may spend his college fund on glasses! Any way today I felt bad for him, as we were trying on glasses he said,"Mom I just want normal eyes like Hailey and Noah." What do you say to that but tht we hope that the glasses will work and eventually he won't have to wear them. He is darn cute in them even if he does not like them!!

We had some really warm weather last weekend so of course we had to get out and enjoy it while it lasted! We went to the fountains to play in the water.

I had to run in the house to grab something and apparently while I was gone it became too hot and Noah had to remove his trunks! Good roast photo for years to come!


Britain said...

I hate it when those baby teeth leave too. It just changes their whole look. I can't believe how grown up your daughter looks to me. I just remember her as a baby.

Payton didn't loose her two front teeth until she started second grade. She looked really young to me up until then.

Your Noah cracks me up.

Mandie said...

OH, Hailey looks so cute with all her little gaps and big teeth. I do agree with you on the baby tooth thing though. You can remind Jack that Avery has glasses too so he's not the only one that "GETS" to wear them.
Last night when Avery was playing she kept saying "hayee, dack" and almost every time we go somewhere in the car she repeatedly says NONA NONA. We sure miss living so close to you guys. We are really wanting to meet up with you in Sun River, hopefully it will work out.