Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Girls Weekend, oh and a marathon!

So this past weekend three of my good friends and I flew to Salt Lake for a girls weekend and to run the Top of Utah marathon. We have been training together since my last marathon in April. We had a blast with some pain involved. If you want more marathon details go to to read my post titled Top of Utah marathon. For those of you who do not want all the details of the race I will spare you.

So what do 4 women do when they have no children or hubbies around?
  • They buy People magazine to catch up on all the hollywood gossip while riding on the plane without wiggly children
  • They stay up late watching Made of Honor, eventhough they know that they should go to bed
  • They go to the Salt Lake temple and enjoy a live session together
  • They try and figure out what the whistling noise in the car is, but finally give up and get used to it
  • They try and figure out what a good pre-race meal would be and end up at Quiznos
  • They get up at 4am to go run 26.2 miles, yes we are crazy!!
  • They all finish the race and are still alive to talk about it thanks to Mike who sent me with Zofran (anti-nausea drug)
  • They go out to dinner and drink Diet Coke happy to not be drinking water or gatorade!
  • They shop, go to a movie at 10pm, and stay up talking and laughing until 2am. Awake for 22hours and ran 26.2 miles. Again we are crazy!!
  • Grow to love and appreciate each other even more!

We had an awesome time, I am proud to call these ladies my friends.

My Mom, Dad, sis-in-law and neice were nice enough to drive up to Salt Lake on Sunday and we all went to Music and the Spoken Word with the Mo-Tab choir. It was amazing!!! President Monson was there and spoke a little after the performance. It was a very moving experience and I am sso glas that i drug myself out of bed! It was fun to see some of my family. I feel very blessed to have a life full of great family and friends.

My cup runneth over.


merathon said...

okay, so first of all, i am jealous that you have friends to run marathons with! i have NO friends who live close to me who are runners, let alone marathoners! i had to laugh about quizno's cuz it reminded me of the hartford marathon. we drove up from boston the night before and were frantically trying to find somewhere to eat, but since we didn't know the city, we were having a tough time. finally, at 9:30 at night, we found a subway, which was NOT what we were hoping for as a pre-race meal, but it had to do!

i read your posts on marathonmommies-- nice job on the PR! you must have seriously been cruising if you made that time even with the walking at the end! crazy! congrats!

and one more thing-- zofran? did i miss something? i saw you said something about "family planning" so now i'm wondering if you're already pregnant!

Chelsea said...

Can't wait to do it (the girl part, not that marathon part) again! Soon!! Love ya!

The Bond Family said...

I wondered how your marathon went - I'm glad to see you had a great time. Way to go! Maybe someday I'll attempt one...