Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Noah is 3

I can't believe that my little guy is already 3. Time really does fly by!

I thought that I would share a few pictures from his b-day. We went to Red Robin, he fell asleep on the way there and was out! We ordered for him and when his food came we woke him up. He was kind of out of it, his food was really hot so he decided that the lettuce was a good temperature. He proceeded to pick it up, dip it in the kethup and eat it. He did this repeatedly, he is definitely my son. The veggies part, not the kethup!

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The Bond Family said...

i was checking your blog and wanted to show amelia the picture of noah and a huge smile came on her face when she saw him. i thought it was cute that she recognized him. i can't thank you enough for taking care of amelia for us and i would LOVE to go get pedicures with you. have fun in utah.