Sunday, September 14, 2008

A place for kids?

So Friday I took the boys to McDonalds for lunch. We have a deal that on the day of the week that Hailey eats "hot lunch" at school I will take the boys to eat somewhere because of course Jackson needs everything to be "fair". We got their happy meals, went outside and as usual they eat 2 bites, open their toy, and then disappear into the play structure. A few minutes later Jackson returned with a very disgusted look on his face and he was spitting.

I asked him what he was doing to which he responded, " I drank something that tasted like concrete."

I of course was very confused as his chocolate milk was right next to me and it did not taste like concrete. I asked a few more questions like, "Did you really drink something?", and "Where is this thing that you drank?"

He responded, Yes, I did drink something and then he pointed up to the play structure.

So I asked him to go retrieve this thing that he had drunk. I sat there a little apprehensive waiting for him to return. All the time hoping that it would not be what I was thinking that it would be.

Sure enough he came down with one of those king size cans of budweiser. What is a can of beer doing in the kids play structure at McDonalds? What is my son doing drinking out of any open container that he finds?

I took the can to the manager and let him know that there was obviously some extracurricular activities going on after hours in their play structure. He was apologetic and very surprised. Then I had a discussion with Jackson about not eating or drinking anything that he finds. What is common sense to me isn't always common sense to my almost 5 year old obviously.

So beware what your kids might find in the McDonalds play structure. While disgusting it is definitely a classic Jackson thing to do. Gotta love him!!!
Boys are a different breed! I used to think that people were just saying that. I don't anymore!!! You have to love this boy with ice cream all over his glasses!


Mandie said...

I can't believe that was in there....NASTY! Crazy lil' man, you gotta love him! Good news is that it tasted like concrete to him and not candy.

merathon said...

whoa-- that is CRAZY! now i can add another reason to my list of why i never go to fast food places!

Kristi said...

Oh that was GROSS!!! But it sounds like something a boy would do. Good luck with them!!!!

Dan said...

Steph, I guess that is what you get for caving in and going to McDonalds. Aren't you the same woman whose three year old had never seen a chicken nugget or hot dog? PS Mandy won't admit it but we gave her hotdogs and pop when you weren't around.

Britain said...

Yuck! That is totally something Ryan would do. I remember last year being at a birthday party with him, and he was going around drinking out of everyone's glasses. I stopped caring after the third one. Little boys wear me out.